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The Notice stated that Ms. Whittaker represented to the VA that she was employed part-time as an instructor at a university, allowing her to maintain a flexible work schedule at the VA, when she actually had not been employed oncolkgico the university for over a decade. After a deciding official at the VA sustained the removal, Ms. Whittaker and the VA entered into a last chance settlement agreement (‚LCA‚) to allow Ms. Whittaker to continue her employment at the VA. The LCA placed a number of restrictions on Ms.

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If you haven't snapped this one up yet, now is the time to get it for this weekend's Halloween parties. Ghost in the machine?: Regrettably, like the many problems that have plagued the DVD-ROM intensive The Matrix, we have already received word that The Blair Witch Project is playing havoc with some first-generation DVD decks. If you are having problems with your disc, please let us know. We'll try to keep everybody updated.

Leon, J.1977; quot;Drug Offences and Discharges in Canada: A Need for Reformquot;; University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review, Spring 1977, Vol.]