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Institutional Development. Since January 1, 2002, jurisdiction for all cases involving organized crime, money laundering, commerxial international drug trafficking shifted from the cantons to the federal prosecutorrsquo;s office in Bern. Beginning January 1, 2002, it became illegal to advertise products that indian viagra manforce narcotic or other psychotropic substances without government approval. Violators who put human lives at risk face fines up to SFr 200,000 (190,476) or imprisonment.

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Patients may be forced to go ldquo;cold turkeyrdquo; or to undergo a (reportedly very painful) treatment program that utilizes opiate antagonists. Throughout the region, HIV and other blood-borne infections are strongly associated with the use of injected drugs. The level of awareness about the risk of infection through sharing needles and other drug paraphernalia is extremely low among drug users and the general population. In 2010, USAID began implementing its Quality Health Care Project (QHCP) to build the capacity of public health systems to meet the health needs of vulnerable groups, including drug users. As a matter of policy, the GOU does not encourage or facilitate the production or distribution of illegal narcotics. However, corruption permeates all levels of government.

Ash wastes no time getting down to business in the examination of the socialist state structure that existed within Albania. He provides a short history of the first constitution drafted under the surveillance of the people‚s democratic government. By providing a comprehensive list of sources from both inside and outside the small Balkan republic, the author describes: ‚The whole document of fewer than a hundred articles takes up only 40 pages of a very small book. This conciseness and simplicity stem from the fact that, unlike most constitutions, there are no ruling class interests to be concealed in elaborate verbiage, no complicated divisions of power to the state‚s interference in business and finance, no pseudo-democratic formulations designed to give people the illusion of governing themselves‚ (98).]