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As a matter of stated government policy, the GBRV does not encourage, support, or facilitate illegal activity associated with drug trafficking. Media reports claimed that members of the Venezuelan government and security forces were allegedly engaged in or facilitated illegal activity associated with drug trafficking. The new Organic Law on Drugs imposed additional penalties on officials from military and security forces convicted of participating or facilitating narcotics trafficking, with these additional penalties ranging from 8-18 years in prison. However, there was no public information available about investigations of senior government officials allegedly involved in narcotics trafficking.

Additionally, due to the amount of illicit drugs smuggled into Taiwan from mainland China, Taiwan authorities continue to seek increased drug enforcement cooperation with the People39;s Republic of China (PRC). Authorities also seek to establish a working relationship with Indian law enforcement in order to combat the significant amounts of ketamine entering Taiwan from India. Statistics for the first nine months of 2010 indicate a significant increase in seizures in all classes of drugs. Using seizure data from the MJIB, National Police Agency, Department of Defense Chinese Military Police, and Coast Guard Administration, Taiwan seized almost 3000 kg (3 MT) of drugs, an increase of 83. 6 percent from the same period of the previous year (January to August). Authorities seized 70 kg of heroin, 227 kg of amphetamine and marijuana, 2260 kg of ketamine, and 433 kg of hydroxyl and pseudoephedrine.

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