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On Regulatory Facilities. Regulatory Facilities in the amount of 10,000 agreed to. On Maintenance Camp Viagran vaikutus and Equipment. Jenkins: Somewhere in this area, Mr. Chair, there is a capital cost associated with implementing the solid waste regulations. Just where is it, and how much cost did we incur. Hon. Buckway: Mr. Chair, that will be under municipal and community vai,utus, later on.

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The Ministry of Health is the competent authority for issues relating to importation of chemicals for legitimate use. The Ministry of Finance oversees the financial intelligence unit, known by its Turkish acronym as MASAK, which has responsibility for investigation of potential money laundering activities. Drug proceeds are often moved to and through Turkey via the informal sector, despite the fact that alternative remittance systems are illegal in Turkey and only banks and authorized money transfer companies are officially allowed to move money. In general, investigations of money exchange bureaus, jewelry stores, and other businesses in Turkey believed to be part of the underground banking system (hawala) are initiated only if the business is directly tied to an existing drug or other criminal investigation.

A common choice of coordinates is latitude, longitude and elevation, to specify a location on a two-dimensional map requires a map projection. The invention of a coordinate system is generally credited to Eratosthenes of Cyrene. Ptolemy credited him with the adoption of longitude and latitude. Ptolemys 2nd-century Geography used the prime meridian but measured latitude from the equator instead.

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